Jakub Kadlčík

My name is Jakub Kadlčík, but you may also know me as FrostyX. I am a computer nerd (read software engineer) way too much interested in Emacs, RPM packaging ecosystem, and Free software (as in freedom) in general.

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I happen to write also outside this blog. You can read my articles on Fedora Magazine, or cringe at my very old blog posts on AbcLinuxu (in Czech). If you follow my blog mainly because of Copr, make sure to check out also the official Copr blog.


Tracer finds outdated running applications in your system

Tracer determines which applications use outdated files and prints them. For special kind of applications such as services or daemons, it suggests a standard command to restart it. Detecting whether file is outdated or not is based on a simple idea. If application has loaded in memory any version of a file which is provided by any package updated since system was booted up, tracer consider this application as outdated.