My name is Jakub Kadlčík, but you may also know me as FrostyX. I am 22 years old and live around Olomouc city in Czech Republic. I was born in Jeseník so I love mountains and the nature. In the not so distant past I loved sports (fitness, basketball, cycling, jogging), healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Then the university changed my life. Now I am just the IT guy who lifts only his laptop and runs mainly after leaving bus. At least I still have delight in walks.

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Tracer finds outdated running applications in your system

Tracer determines which applications use outdated files and prints them. For special kind of applications such as services or daemons, it suggests a standard command to restart it. Detecting whether file is outdated or not is based on a simple idea. If application has loaded in memory any version of a file which is provided by any package updated since system was booted up, tracer consider this application as outdated.


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