My name is Jakub Kadlčík, but you may also know me as FrostyX. I am 22 years old and live around Olomouc city in Czech Republic. I was born in Jeseník so I love mountains and the nature. In the not so distant past I loved sports (fitness, basketball, cycling, jogging), healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Then the university changed my life. Now I am just the IT guy who lifts only his laptop and runs mainly after leaving bus. At least I still have delight in walks.

See my curriculum vitae or my timeline.


As the high school I attended SPŠ in Bruntál. I graduated with the project of school canteens web allowing online meal orders for students and teachers. Since I like studying and love IT I decided to go on university. So in the present I attend the Department of Computer Science on the Palacky Univesity. Currently I am working on my bachelor theis called "Determine applications affected by upgrade". See my projects page for more informations.


Since I dont live with my parents, there is a need to gain some extra money. For this reason I code for creative-vision.cz and also I am employed by fmri.upol.cz mainly as linux admin and developer. In the past I was network administrator of my high school's hostel, but was unpaid experience.


My favourite (and currently the only) operating system is GNU/Linux. To be more specific, it's Gentoo which I use for 4 years now, but linux in general, for 7 years. I prefer lightweight applications so on my desktop you can find XMonad, VIM and lot of terminals. See my setup page.

From the programming languages, Python is my favourite. Also I use PHP (with Laravel) for web applications and LaTeX for papers and presentations. Languages which I use less, but I also know them well are Java, Scheme and Bash. My sources are versioned with GIT.