Copr CLI - Building from Tito, Mock and PyPI

23. 05. 2016 | Jakub Kadlčík | EN copr fedora changelog howto

It has been a while since Copr supports building directly from Git repository which is managed by Tito, or more freely building via Mock SCM. Since last release it is also possible to generate a .spec file and submit a build from PyPI package. You can read more about it here. What was missing about this features was command line support. Which is finally done now!

Since copr-cli-1.50 and python-copr-1.68 you can use following commands.


copr-cli buildtito <username>/<project> --git-url=<url>


--git-url URL
    Url to a project managed by Tito, required.

--git-dir DIRECTORY
    Relative path from Git root to directory containing .spec file.

--git-branch BRANCH
    Checokut specific branch on the repository.

    To build from the last commit instead of the last release tag.


copr-cli buildmock <username>/<project> --scm-url=<url> --spec=<path/to/foo.spec>


--scm-type TYPE
    Specify versioning tool, default is git.

--scm-url URL
    Url to a project versioned by Git or SVN, required.

--scm-branch BRANCH
    Checokut specific branch on the repository.

--spec FILE
    Relative path from SCM root to .spec file, required.


copr-cli buildpypi frostyx/foo --packagename=<pypi-pkgname>


--pythonversions [VERSION [VERSION ...]]
    For what Python versions to build (by default: 3 2)

--packageversion PYPIVERSION
    Version of the PyPI package to be built (by default latest)

--packagename PYPINAME
    Name of the PyPI package to be built, required.

Of course there are lot of other possible options for this commands. Please see manual page by running man copr-cli to see more info.

Happy building everyone ;-)