Create your portfolio with pinned projects

02. 08. 2019 | Jakub Kadlčík | EN copr fedora

Let others know what projects you are the proudest of and want to be recognized for. It is really easy to create a scratch project here and there, forget to remove it once it is not needed anymore and end up with dozens of Copr projects. Your real projects get lost in the flood and move to the second, third … or even twentieth page. Not anymore! Pin your most relevant work to your profile and have it always visible on the first page!

It is valuable not only for other users but also for you. How annoying is going through all the pages trying to find that one project on which you work most of the time but strangely enough search all the time because it is nowhere visible? Just pin it and have it only one click of a mouse away, once you log in.

Hopefully, you are now hyped like me, so let’s see how it works. I have already set up my pinned projects, therefore if you open my profile, you will see this.

It is possible to configure up to four pinned projects. They can be either yours or owned by a group that you belong into. Similarly, it is also possible to configure pinned projects for a group.

The configuration page looks like this.

Unfortunately, compared to for example GitHub dialog for setting up your pins, it doesn’t look so sexy. We wanted to stay Javascript-free since it appears to be a significant concern from our community and therefore options to have an awesome looking configuration page dropped out (because of an issue of how to configure projects order). Nevertheless, the configuration page looks quite decent, it is easy to use and it does the job well.

Will you configure your pinned projects? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know!