Copr Rebuild Tools - Tito backend

14. 07. 2017 | Jakub Kadlčík | EN copr fedora howto packaging

Did you read my last post about Copr Rebuild Tools? It is a handy tool for mass rebuilding packages in Copr. Sources of such packages could come from PyPI or RubyGems - that was only two implemented backends yet. Now we also have a support for Tito projects with multiple packages. Lets look at it.

About Tito

Tito is a tool for managing RPM based projects using git for their source code repository.

Basic setup of tito backend

As usual, we have to create the config file first. Let’s say project.ini.

project =                   ; Leave it empty, tito releaser will do this for us
                            ; If you want use --new-packages, you need to set it
path = ~/git/project        ; Path to our project's root directory
releaser = copr-dev         ; Releaser name from releasers.conf of the project

Obviously, you need to have this tito releaser properly configured for the project. Please read man releasers.conf to see how to do it. Also, you may notice, that there is no copr-config attribute that we are used to. That is because it is no way how to specify copr config which should tito use. Therefore default ~/.config/copr is used. Please update it accordingly.

Once this is done, we can release all the packages to Copr

copr-rebuild --config project.ini tito submit

Real-world usage

We were asked to rebuild packages from the Foreman project to Copr. When you closely look into the packaging repo, there is just a lot of packages. We could go through them one by one, but this would be a waste of time. Since expected ratio of succeeded builds was relatively high, I chose to submit them all and then take a special care of failed packages. So I’ve created a two tito releasers.

# Releases for Fedora
releaser = tito.release.CoprReleaser
project_name = @theforeman/foreman-nightly

# SCL collection with EPEL builds
releaser = tito.release.CoprReleaser
project_name = @theforeman/tfm-foreman-nightly
builder.scl = tfm

With such, we can go to an arbitrary package directory in the repo and run tito release copr or tito release copr-tfm to build the package in the specified Copr project.

Now, when you examine tito.props of the foreman-packaging repository, you may notice that there are several groups of packages. Some of them should be built into @theforeman/foreman-nightly and some of them into @theforeman/tfm-foreman-nightly. Not all of them into both projects. Copr-rebuild-tools unfortunately can’t parse tito.props (yet), so we need to create another files defining a sets of packages.

Save this as foreman-nightly-packages

# ...

And this as tfm-foreman-nightly-packages

# ...

Then we can finally create a config file for copr-rebuild. Let’s say foreman.ini.

path = ~/git/foreman-packaging
backend = tito
owner = @theforeman

releaser = copr
set = ./foreman-nightly-packages
project = foreman-nightly

releaser = copr-tfm
set = ./tfm-foreman-nightly-packages
project = tfm-foreman-nightly
scl = tfm

And we are done! Packages can be easily (re)built into their Copr projects by using

copr-rebuild --config foreman.ini copr submit
copr-rebuild --config foreman.ini copr-tfm submit

Once the builds are finished, we might want to focus only on failed packages in order to fix them and resubmit them again. There is no need to submit them one-by-one, we still can use copr rebuild tools. We also don’t need to filter them or something. Just use copr-rebuild command with --new-packages parameter. This will build only packages that weren’t successfully built in the project yet.